What happens in @Praia does not stay in Praia

So after the Virgins party we went back to random our hotels to get some sleep and strenght for next very busy days on the beach. DSC_5686 DSC_5740
DSC_5713 DSC_5709 DSC_5705Some were flying high, others just focused on looking at those getting high. However, main occupation was laughing at photos from previous night and trying to link male faces to those seen the day before with strong make up, surrounded with various types of wigs. As a lead there were leftovers of polish nail on hands, since hardly anybody thought that acetone would be useful to take it off. Pretty funny to see them playing voley with red nails.
DSC_5891 Later came time for hippie party, that I attended pretty exhausted after after-dinner nap. At the beginning I gave up on making photos because camera was so heavy. But then few wódka-pesca-redbull drinks and refreshing conversation about Iranian cinema made me be the only person willing to continue the party at 4 am. DSC_5964 This guy was like – You don’t remember me, do you? Yesterday I had a panther patter dress and black moustache.

How could I forget man…DSC_5941 I don’t know this guy. DSC_5851 And this guy was connecting people by handing over messages written on small pieces of paper  shooting people with the Cupid’s arrow. Free love among hippies, that’s it. I wonder if anyone has sent a message to Cupid.DSC_5862 DSC_5888 DSC_5889 They definitely got shot for a while.DSC_5983And this one is embodiment of Love himself. I found Love in a hopeless place…


Then the next day was just another perfection. Arrived at the beach at 4pm, it was still hot enough to swim and have a nap before a beach party. You know, these moments that your biggest problem is what kind of icecream you want to vacuum.


Some of course had bigger problems, like for example deciding what to wear. And not all of them really solved it properly. DSC_6007

DSC_6404 And some just got to the conclusion that the best solution is to get undressed. DSC_6238 DSC_6249 At the beginning I thought it won’t get that crazy, I was still a bit stoned with the sun and lack of sleep. But I was so wrong…

DSC_6376DSC_6264 DSC_6063The colours that you can see all around are colourfull powders ready to spread on everything and everyone. Later it was super easy to get rid of them – enough to swim in the sea after party. Or actually between two parties, because this one was followed by another. Pretty sweet deal, right?DSC_6272 DSC_6386 DSC_6365
DSC_6162 DSC_6133 DSC_6113
DSC_6278 DSC_6169
Thanks you guys.

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