Manual to hitchhiking in Venice

We were waiting for around one hour for a bus from Mestre to Venice when Emilia suddenly caught autostop. On the way we found out from our driver that there’s a strike in public transport in Venice that day.

It got clear that all our plans for the day just failed. It didn’t make much sense to buy 24h ticket for all the water buses that would take us everywhere anymore. We din’t have much choice, but to go with the flow.

And this is how we learnt how to hitchhike in Venice*.


What you need:

– you need to get to Venice **

– a travel buddy (Emila works just fine)

– Spritz

– a hand to wave

– two hands to hold the boat

DSC_0618 1. Ok, so you’re in Venice. It doesn’t stink that much as people were telling you. Check if the water buses work this day.

2. They don’t. Tell yourself that for sure you’re going to do it tomorrow.  No worries, have some Spritz, it’s almost aperitivo time.DSC_0535 3. Have a walk. Turn left, left, dritto, then left. Look for your own way.

DSC_04934. Don’t walk fast, because the streets don’t always finish with a pavement. Have some Spritz.DSC_0523

5. Sit in the sun on some boarder of the river. and enjoy your Spritz. Wave to people on the boats suggesting that maybe they should stop and take you on board. And that perhaps you have more of that Spritz with you (because you do).

6. Realize that it’s a place where the boats cannot stop.


7. Take it easy, repeat step number 3. Remember to watch faces of people on the boats… Until you notice one older guy that you’ve seen on a spot before and he notices you back and stops, because this time he can.

DSC_0698 DSC_0700

8. Talk to the guy.

Our guide, Gianni, was actually working as a water-taxi-driver (?), married to 20 years younger Hungarian woman and he was just coming back from lunch. He saw us two hours before when he was swimming home to eat.

9. Hold the boat when Gianni will go out to buy cigarettes.

DSC_0704 DSC_0717

10. Be patient when he calls his friend to organise a double date for the evening. Talk with the friend on the phone. Help him realise that he’s 20 years older and it’s never going to work. But be patient.

11. Enjoy your free boat trip. It’s not difficult.


12. Drive the boat on Canale Grande in Venice, Italy. Yes.

DSC_0737 DSC_0746



13. …


DSC_0756 DSC_0763 14. Say bye to Gianni next to San Marco and „let him work for a change”. See how he’s offering some turists a trip for 50 euro.

15. Go and celebrate.


* Probably me and Emila are the last people that should play a role of trip advisors. We’re miserable. We can hardly tell what day time is our plane. I mean – don’t take those advices seriously, unless you don’t want to have strict plan and want to have some unexpected fun on the way.

** Superb Trip Advice (STA): one day before leaving do the on-line check in, but do it as soon as possible because it may turn out that your flight was put in advance and actually your plane is taking off in 3 hours. Do the bloody check-in, print the tickets, pack, eat, take a shower, run to the airport. And take it easy.




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